Feb 2, 2009

Sania Mirza’s take on her alleged affair

In an exclusive chat, Sania Mirza lashed out, “I’ve never had aspirations to be anything other than a tennis player.” Which puts paid to talks of her joining films after tennis? “Oh no, I never wanted to, that’s not my scene. I want to be known only as a tennis player and until my last breath,” Sania said dramatically. That may be, but there’s no denying that her links with Bollywood are strong. “Akshay’s my hot favourite. I never miss his films. I saw Singh is King recently and think he is growing hotter by the day.” Has she ever met the Khiladi? “Yes, briefly at a public event, but I made it look formal... that was not the place to be friendly,” she admitted.

The tennis pin-up girl is shy to discuss her alleged relationship with Shahid. Is it true that she flies down to attend special screenings of his films? And that the two go out for private and cosy dinners? Sania carefully chose her words as she replied, “I have many relatives and close friends in Mumbai. So when I am down, I catch up with them. That’s about it. I’m not comfortable talking about what relationship I share with whom. Yes, I do go out for dinners with friends, but there’s nothing to read beyond that. When I’m ready to share my personal life with the world, I will.”